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Kindle Fire Screen Protector

Amazon shook the digital world when it offered the Kindle Fire at an impressively affordable price, creating an instant demand for the device. Since then, a number of accessories have also come to enhance the user experience. If you have a Kindle Fire, you would want to protect its shiny screen from scratches. The ArmorSuit MilitaryShield offers an effective layer of protection for your Kindle Fire, designed to keep it free of scratches and other damages.

The ArmorSuit MilitaryShield custom fits the Kindle Fire and is tailor made for the device. As such, you do not have to worry about altering the size of the sheet to have it properly sit on the device. It is a fine sheet of protection, which helps to preserve the look and shape of your gadget even after the application of the sheet. The quality of material used in the manufacture of the Kindle Fire is made from special UV-protection material that prevents stains on the sheet over time. Additional technology has also been invested on the sheet to ensure self-healing over time. So if by any chance, some part of the sheet does get a scratch of some sort, it will naturally heal in a matter of time. By far, what’s most impressive is the quality of the sheet itself. The sheet utilizes the same protection material that is used in military helicopters and aircrafts. With the sheet on, your device will not be subject to moisture and corrosion as the sheet prevents moisture buildup through the film to the substrates. Furthermore it also protects your device from paint, sand particles and other debris. Wear and tear will also be greatly reduced as he sheet protects your device from rubbing, abrading, scraping and chaffing.

The kit includes the Kindle Fire Screen Protector sheet, an installation card, fiber cloth, application solution and the instruction manual. It also comes with a lifetime replacement warranty from Armor Suit for the protector sheet.

Installing the sheet on your Kindle Fire is a simple task. Before you start, you are recommended to wash your hands and fingertips. Rinse your fingertips in the application solution. This will avoid fingerprints on the protector sheet. Use the fiber cloth to properly clean the device and remove any kind of dust particles, scratches and fingerprints on it. Remove the paper backing to expose the MilitaryShield protector sheet. Moisten both sides of the protector sheet by spraying the skin spray. Do not spray on your Kindle Fire device. Apply the shield on your device. The sticky side should face your device. Start from bottom and move upwards as you slowly slide the sheet onto the Kindle Fire screen. Push moisture and bubbles after applying the sheet using the installation card from the center towards the edges. Use the fiber cloth to soak excess moisture on the device. A paper towel may also be used. Leave the device for 12 to 24 hours to allow the sheet to properly adjust on the device.

If ever required, simply peel off the sheet using your hands from the Kindle Fire. The protector sheet will easily be removed, without leaving any kind of sticky residue.

Kindle Fire Screen Protector is available at where you can easily purchase the product .

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Fire Pit Art 40 Inch Spark Guard

Fire Pit Art 40 Inch Spark Guard


Fire Pit Art Stainless Steel Spark Guard with 40 Inch Diameter Spark guards are handcrafted from heavy stainless steel mesh and 2 inch wide 304 stainless steel bands and then finished with black high temperature weather-resistant black paint. Handcrafted to fit Fire Pit Art Nepal fire pit (handles mounted horizontally on the lower frame ring. The fire screen material is guaranteed for 60 days against failure. The frame work is guaranteed for 10 years.